Distribution and logistics

transportation of products

> To anywhere in the world
> Air, sea and land routes

We pack and distribute

Grains and cereals

> Beans, rice, lentils, corn, etc.

Canned and Preserved

Sale and conditioning

> We pack, pack, label and distribute

We pack and distribute

Dairy products

> From the producer to any part of the world

Packaging and distribution

of meat products

> We are specialists in distribution to any part of the world

Packing and Labeling

Mayonnaises, dressings, mustards,
jams, etc

Manufacturing, Packaging and labeling

Home Care Productos

>Cleaners, flavorings, disinfectants, soaps, detergents, etc.

Manufacturing, Packaging and labeling

Personal Care Products

> Body creams, perfumes, gels, soaps, deodorants, etc.

about Us

We are a company that supports the development of producers, sharing with them, in essence, all the natural riches that captivate and make the world fall in love.


We seek to satisfy the needs of our clients, we have the firm conviction that it is an honor to serve you and provide you with the best solution, guided by a team of experts.



We manufacture and market products that give our customers total satisfaction and confidence. Using the highest quality standards.



We provide solutions to any logistics need in the cosmetic and food sector, developed tailored to each project. We are focused on the satisfaction of our customers.

5 Great Reasons

Why We Are The Best

Production capacity

We have the most advanced technology in the field, which ensures you an excellent service and a final product of impeccable quality.


We have certified processes, trained personnel and modern facilities, which allows us to meet the needs of our customers in an agile, fast and reliable way with the highest quality.

our quick response

Beating the competition by far. We adapt to the needs of each of them.


Our company is concerned with manufacturing and marketing products that provide our customers with total satisfaction and confidence.

Our facilities

Designed to achieve an optimal environment, in which our operators can perform their work efficiently and comfortably.

MKE Manufacturing


Products for the cosmetic and cleaning industry. We have high technology, research and development. We manufacture new products with highly biodegradable active ingredients that make sustainable development possible.


Personalization of products, packaging, logistics and distribution. We condition your products, in boxes, cans, bags, etc.


In Logistics we distinguish the experience and quality. Reverse Logistics, Promotional Logistics and Order Fullfillment

Consulting and advice

We offer our customers a personalized service complying with all the requirements for the transport of their products, with defined transit times. We have specialized personnel in cargo handling in general.


We support the development of producers.

Sharing with them, in essence, all the natural riches they cultivate and fall in love with the world. We do not export products, we take care to share tradition, culture and natural resources.

We offer integral solutions.


We put tags, labels and holograms. Armed with promotions and packages in heat shrink. Assortment of orders, Plastiflechado, Product review, etc.

We transport your products.


We coordinate National and International transportation. We take care of your goods completely. We take your products to the final consumer anywhere in the world.

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