Our Products


cereals & grains

Packaging and distribution of grains and cereals. Import and export.


preserves, dressings and sauces

From star snacks to supplies in culinary preparation.


Sea Food

Packaging and distribution of seafood and fish.



We have an extensive assortment of high quality cuts.


dairy products

Includes foods such as milk and its processed derivatives.


home clean

Liquid and powder detergents,
multipurpose cleaners, brooms & mops.


Brooms, mops & brushes

We offer a wide range of cleaning products, jars and plastics in general.


Automotive aesthetics

We manufacture Automotive Aesthetic Products of excellent quality


personal care

The best line of personal care and an elegant collection of fragrances.

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We recognize the extreme importance of cereal intake as the basis of human nutrition, because they have a great nutritional power:  they contain twice as much protein as usual foods.

At MKE, we pack and distribute cereals, such as:

  • rice
  • bean
  • lentil
  • corn

Preserves, dressings and sauces  

The importance of the conversas lies in the fact that they range from star snacks to ingredients in culinary preparation.

We distribute sauces and dressings such as:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard, etc

Sea Food   

The consumption of marine products such as fish, canned fish, seafood, etc; It plays an important role in our diet, due to its great contributions of vitamins, minerals and general benefits for our health.

At MKE, we pack and distribute seafood.


We pack and distribute meat products, beef, pork, chicken and exotic meats.

We have an extensive assortment of high quality cuts, whether beef, chicken or exotic: Beef, rib without bone. Skirt / Void, Chest, Goose, Chicken, Queen Lizard, Black Pulp, Boneless Lizard, Back Tip, Tenderloin, Open Solomo, etc.

Dairy products    

Dairy products are highly perishable products that must rigorously maintain the cold chain. It is for this reason that the containers are specially designed to safeguard them.

At MKE we label, pack and pack dairy products, such as liquid or powdered milk. Dairy formulas

Home clean products    

Storage, inventory control, order assembly (pick and pack)

We manufacture, label, package and distribute products for home care, such as:

  • Clean floors
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Waxes and furniture polishes
  • Liquids for cleaning crystals
  • Dishwashing detergents
  • Multi-purpose detergents

Brooms, mops & brushes    

• We have a 2,500 meter industrial warehouse located in the city of Querétaro

• Daily installed capacity of 300 to 500 thousand units depending on the characteristics required

• Our process meets the highest standards of quality and productivity derived from our 100% automated process

Products for automotive aesthetics  

We have a line of products for automotive reconditioning that serves different segments of the market with which you can start a new business or can complement the offer of products and services of your business in progress, this will allow you to attend and improve your competitive position in your coverage area.

personal care   

Personal care / hygiene products are those substances or preparations that are intended to be applied to the skin, teeth or mucosa of the human body for the purpose of hygiene or aesthetics, or to neutralize or eliminate ectoparasites.

We manufacture, package, label and distribute products for personal care and hygiene

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